Weatherstripping Replacement in 6 Steps

Here is what you will need: Needle nose pliers, scissors, and replacement vinyl weatherstripping (~$5 per length).

  1. Remove the current weatherstripping with needle nose pliers. Make sure to keep them in good condition for step 2.
  2. Use the old weather stripping to measure your new lengths. It is an easy hack so long as the original weatherstripping fit well.
  3. With regular household scissors, cut the new weatherstripping to fit.
  4. Back at the door frame, remove any debris from the case.
  5. From the top, press the new weatherstripping into the gap around the door frame. Depending on the temperature, humidity, etc. you might have to use more effort to press the edge in. You can always tap them in with a hammer.
  6. Repeat on top and sides. That is it.

Fixing weatherstripping in your house can reduce energy waste by up to 20% according to the U.S. Department of Energy. 6 Steps to huge savings. Totally worth it.

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