Honda CBR 300 “ReBuild”

A few years ago, I bought a Honda CBR 300 in bright yellow. It was a beautiful and fully functional bike. But it wasn’t the look I wanted. So this year, I fixed that problem. Take a look.




Here is the bike when I bought it. Full fairings and a small dent in the exhaust.A few years later, I decided it was time for a change and vinyl wrapped the whole thing in black.


bike 3



From a distance this looks great, but up close there were warps and bubbles all over it.  Leading us to the current bike iteration.



Here you have it without the fairings, the speedometer, and headlight. I kept the mid cowel on so it wouldn’t look like a naked street bike and to protect myself from some of the heat.

bike 5bike 6



Then I realized to paint it I would need to remove that same piece as well as the vinyl wrap. In the next photos, you will see the vibrant yellow beneath. Then came time for paint. I was hesitant to use lasting paint in case it didn’t go as planned. So I used Camo Green Plasti-Dip. Plasti-Dip is a rally interested material that, if properly applied, is incredibly resilient but entirely removable.


bik 9

At this stage I also removed the exhaust and seat. I put on army green exhaust wrap by wearing gloves, very important, dipping it in water, and stretching it around the exhaust, all while maintaining a 1 inch overlap. This is a very easy process. The seat upholstery proved more difficult. My wife and I like to take long rides together and the seat wasn’t really suitable for it so I added extra padding, sewed a new pattern, and stretched it over. While I was at it, I wrapped the handles to make them match, because why not.

From there, I made a new bracket to hold the speedometer, installed a new LED lamp, sprayed the exhaust with high hat resistance exhaust paint, and we’ve enjoyed it ever since.

This is definitely not a guide, but I love the way it turned out. Exactly the aesthetic I was going for.

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