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tool-1957451_1920We’ve all seen the commercials: Home owners trying, often failing, to complete projects within their newly purchased properties. Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware. You name the home improvement company and there are countless advertisements about DIY projects you can do…. so long as you have the exact tools, access to stores, plenty of funds, and the house deed in hand. But what about the rest of America living in rural places without access to stores, or the vast majority who rent apartments or homes, those who can’t afford expensive renovation projects, or even those who grew up without a model for how to complete home improvement projects. Whatever the circumstance, every person should have resources to make their lives more functional, comfortable, and most importantly, safe for themselves and those they love. DIY isn’t just about Do It Yourself Projects for the pride of doing them, often, DIY projects are a result of necessity. Why pay $400 for a repair you could do for $50 in the same time period?

This website aims to help those who have an interest in completing projects on their own using common tools, common language, and solving common problems. DIY shouldn’t be difficult and you can do it yourself.

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