49413237_280279405976264_4834446976368949423_nWelcome to DIY With Pride.  This site will help users fix issues in their households, complete fun projects, and teach you things about skills that you never knew you had.

In my career, I’ve spent 4 years running the University of New Mexico’s STEM Learning Center (The Center for Academic Program Support) where I directly oversaw over 150 STEM tutors who, in turn, helped thousands of undergraduate students in their academic career. I now run New Mexico’s Local Technical Assistance Program, an organization dedicated to serving local transportation agencies in their training needs across the state. Concurrently, I’ve completed a Master’s in Construction Engineering and am in the final stages of a PhD in Construction Workforce Development.

This career has taught me 2 major things about the likelihood of individuals learning new skills. Skill acquisition is never about ability, it is about 1) access to information and  2) personal assumptions. We are all able to acquire new skills but there are systems in place that hinder our likelihood for skill acquisition. I’ve seen this in every aspect of my personal career.  In order to learn new skills, we have to have the tools to develop ourselves and overcome the assumptions that we can’t learn something new because of x, y, and/or z let alone a, b, and c.

So together, let’s use the tools we have: communication, normalizing question asking, and the expectation to remove barriers to your learning.  This website will attempt to do that. To remove barriers, to explain in “common” terms how to complete projects, and the encourage you as readers that you can absolutely complete projects.

Beyond this, I live in New Mexico with my lovely wife, our many critters, and more projects than I have time to finish.

Be safe. Be Smart. Be Proud.